The plate shall be a solid unit made of 1.0 mm aluminium confirming to DIN 1745/DIN 1783 or ISO 7591. Border edges and corners of the plate shall be rounded to avoid injuries to the extent to the extent of approx. 10 mm and the plates must have and embossed border.

Retro-reflective sheeting:

The plate shall be suitable for hot stamping and reflective sheet has to be guaranteed for imperishable nature for imperishable nature for minimum five years. The fast colouring of legend and border to be done by hot stamping. The retro-reflective white for private and yellow sheet for commercial vehicle and enhances visibility up to 200Mtrs.

Country identification mark IND

The plate should bear the letters IND in blue colour on the extreme left centre of the plate. The letter should be one fourth of the size of letters mentioned in rule 51 and should be buried in to the foil or applied by hot stamping and should be integral part of the plate.

Chromium based Hologram:

Each plate shall be protected against counterfeiting by chromium-based hologram applied by hot stamping. Stickers and adhesive labels are not permitted. To protect against counterfeiting a chromium-based hologram of the size of 20 mm x 20 mm is to be applied by hot stamping on the top left hand corner of the plate in both front and rear plates.


The letters of the registration mark shall be in English and figures shall be in Arabic numerals and the letters and figures shall be embossed and hot stamped.

Laser engraving: (permanent consecutive Identification number)

The plate shall bear a permanent consecutive identification number of minimum seven digts, to be laser branded in the reflective sheeting and hot stamping film shall bear a verification inscription. The permanent identification number of minimum seven digits to be laser branded in to reflecting sheeting on the bottom left and hand side of the registration plate with the numeral size being 2.5 mm.